Where can you get Data for your Smart City Analytics Cases?

15.09. | 09:30 - 10:00 | data.stage

In a smart city, modern technologies from the fields of energy, mobility, urban planning, administration and communication are networked in such a way that the quality of life for the residents increases. At the same time, the sustainability of the city benefits.

As in all cases of digitalization, data is the essential base for all value creation cases. Since, one can’t measure and own all the required data himself it is important to have a good understanding where you can find additional enhancing data for your analytics.

Therefore this presentation will elaborate different smart city use cases where you can find which data (open data and commercial data) and how easy it is to measure your own data of your smart city.

Furthermore, the presentation will show based on real use cases values which could be generated through data analytics and machine learning.


Joachim Bürkle (DB Systel)

Timo Maibach (Benz + Walter GmbH)