Situational real-time personalization revolutionizes the shopping experience at PETER HAHN

19.03. | 12:15 : 12:45 | festival.stage

PETER HAHN is a successful multi-channel fashion company in the upscale quality and price segment for women 55 Plus – which consistently continues to think in terms of customer-centered communication. This includes inspiring new customers as well as addressing existing customers according to their needs. For a perfect customer experience, in both cases the individual relevance of presented products is important.

By using the ODOSCOPE situationalization platform, existing 1st party data can be monetized by offering even unknown customers the most relevant products for their current shopping situation. In the case of known customers, additional data from the CRM is used to determine the most relevant products. This significantly leads to lower bounce rates, higher order rates, better return rates and stronger customer loyalty. In this way, the shopping experience at PETER HAHN can be revolutionized and revenue significantly increased.


Sina Vorpahl (PETER HAHN GmbH)
Dr. Ralph Hünermann (ODOSCOPE GmbH)