Recipe Recommendations @Thermomix

15.09 | 12:15 - 13:15 | festival.stage

Vorwerk & Co. KG and Alexanderthamm GmbH are bringing personalized recipe recommendations to the Thermomix digital ecosystem Cookidoo®. In this talk we’ll give an overview of how we achieve meaningful personalized recipe recommendations and share insights as well as challenges of how the feature is provided to Vorwerks customers.
Lastly, we’ll give an unique outlook of challenges specific to the food recommendation problem such as:

  • How do we avoid negative feedback loops leading to primarily unhealthy recipes being recommended?
  • How to achieve recommendations that are in the users comfort zone and skill level but still new and exciting?


Bora Kiliclar (Vorwerk & Co. KG)
Simon Weiß (Alexander Thamm GmbH)