One-Stop AI-Solution for the digital strategy of media companies

18.03. | 14:15 – 14:45 | festival.stage

Media companies today also face the challenge of developing and implementing a digital strategy. Metadata that can be extracted from media data (video, audio, image, text) is an essential part of this digital strategy. Aiconix offers a One-Stop Shop AI solution that integrates multiple AI providers and produces better results, because problems such as biased training datasets can be partially compensated by combining the results of multiple providers on a meta level. In addition, the aingine (integration platform) thus offers higher availability. Aiconix also operatesa neurolab to use the collected data to predict the retention rate of online videos. The talk gives insights into the approach and the cloud architecture and shows the customer advantages of such a solution.



Kai Fischer (Oracle Deutschland BV & Co KG)

Aleksander Koleski (aiconix GmbH)