How to sell AI – Convincing stakeholders about the value of your next AI project (hosted by KI Bundesverband)

15.09 | 10:00 - 10:45 | data.stage

How do you effectively sell artificial intelligence beyond the hype surrounding the technology? How to provide clear, trustworthy and convincing evidence of the positive benefits AI can provide? No technology blah blah. Human intelligence has a functional purpose – to solve problems. AI, which does not solve human problems, is neither „intelligent“ nor does it have a market appeal. No human problem, no AI solution. The central problem is, therefore, to create conviction and master the step from mistrust to trust. This does not only apply to external sales pitches but above all to the internal stakeholders.


Steffen KonrathModerator (evAI Intelligence GmbH)
Alexandra Zaitseva (presize)
Prof. Dr. Patrick Glauner (Deggendorf Institute of Technology)
Alexander Thamm (Alexander Thamm GmbH)
Lucas Spreiter (Uniteq)