Future-Forum: The Data, Analytics & AI-Trends 2022

What are the Data, Analytics & AI Trends 2022? Which topics should companies focus on? The DATA festival committee members discuss some of the most relevant developments in Data & AI and share deeper thoughts on…

  • How to combine agile, Self-Service and Data Mesh approaches to enable an AI first and Data driven Enterprise.
  • Europe’s bet for the future: Will human centered AI become a competitive advantage or an inhibitor of innovation?
  • Playtime is over (now really 😊) – From DevOps to DataOps to MLOps


Discussion rounds and speeches by the DATA festival comitee: Dr. Carsten Bange, Alexander Thamm, Dr. Alexander Borek, Marcel Kling, Holger Kömm, Sébastien Foucaud, Jan Zawadzki, Divya Bokaria