Data Lake Production @Audi  – Architecture, Technologies & Organisation (EN)

Data Lake Production @Audi – Architecture, Technologies & Organisation (EN)

15:30 - 16:00 l Datastage l Data & AI in Automotive I

Data is an elementary part of the digitalization of production at Audi AG. In order to be able to store and analyze data from vehicle and component manufacturing and logistics in an international production network, a central data lake was set up. The Audi Analytics Platform collects data from all business areas and makes it available for cross-functional analyses. The presentation focuses on the technical architecture including technologies of Data Lake production and discusses the challenges that had to be solved. In addition to the technical requirements, organizational measures must also be taken in order to use the data in Data Lake P and generate added value. As part of these activities, Audi AG has developed training concepts and new forms of organisation and cooperation within the framework of corporate learning.

Christoph KreibichData Scientist, Audi AG