Cooking made smarter through Data – Data Architecture at Vorwerk

19.03. | 10:45 - 11:15 | data.stage

The Thermomix TM5 and TM6 from Vorwerk are among the most successful and most advanced smart kitchen appliances globally. Together with the recipe platform Cookidoo they form a digital ecosystem at the heart of the digitized kitchen.

As in probably all digital endeavours, data becomes an increasingly important factor in the continuous evolution of the Thermomix Digital Ecosystem. For example, when applying machine learning to build new, data driven services, like personalized recipe recommendations. And also to support product development, marketing, and customer care teams in better understanding customers‘ needs and challenges based on big data.

More than 3 million connected devices indeed produce a lot ofbits and bytes – having this collected and securely stored away is a sizeable achievement. Yet another problem is to channel data to where it can really generate value. If potential consumers range from algorithms over skilled data scientists to marketing specialists, a very broad spectrum of interests and capabilities has to be covered.

We therefore established the „Data Hub“ as a technical means to democratize data.

The Talk will give Insights on real Use-Cases and also show the Data Architecture that was chosen for the Organisation and why.How it enabes self-service of Data Discovery, and how it powers Data Services of autonomous Teams to improve the Enduser Experience of the Thermomix Platform cookidoo.


Marcel Hellmann (Vorwerk International & Co. KmG)
David Sterz (Mindcurv GmbH)