Beam me up, Scotty! We cannot beam particles, but data

18.03. | 11:15 - 11:45 | festival.stage

When Mister Spock says „Beam me up, Scotty!“ everyone knows what happens next: Mister Spock looks into the camera, falls into pieces and is reassembled on the deck of the USS Enterprise. Unfortunately particle teleportation is still in its infancy, but data teleportation is a real thing, thanks to WANdisco & Alice&Bob.Company. 100% data consistency while having 0 down-time and 0 data-loss; in a blink of an eye your data is available on a global scale.

Live Long & Replicate!


Jürgen Luebeck (WANdisco International ltd)
Sebastian Schäffer (Alice&Bob.Company GmbH)