The next step of AI – how to shape the future in Europe

There is an unbroken trend or even “hype” towards the usage of AI in companies worldwide as it is used in more and more fields. Not only software companies, but also so-called non-tech-companies strive to integrate AI into their business models. But not only companies are starting to see the full potential of AI, also research is strongly focusing on that field, driving forward projects like GAIA-X and OpenGPT-X.
Even though Europe might not have been a first mover when it comes to AI, we still have the chance to be part of the AI 2.0 wave by investing in research and innovation, by developing AI according to high qualities standards, and by upholding European values. To do so, we need practical regulations that do not restrict the innovative strength and the economic potential of AI.
In this keynote, Alexander Thamm, CEO & Founder Alexander Thamm GmbH, will talk about the current shift in the adaption of AI by non-tech-companies, practical examples and use cases of companies showing what is possible,  and the chances for Europe to stay an innovation leader upholding democratic and ethical values.


Alexander Thamm, CEO & Founder @ Alexander Thamm GmbH

Alexander Thamm, is founder, CEO and pioneer in the field of Data and AI. His mission is to generate real added value from data and to restore Germany’s and Europe’s international competitiveness. He is a founding member of the German AI Association, a wanted keynote speaker, and author of numerous publications. In 2012 he founded [at], the first data science consultancy in Germany. Today, the company is one of the leading Data and AI consultancies in the German-speaking region.