How energy companies contribute to decarbonization with AI

Climate change is one of the greatest, if not the greatest challenge of our time. The main trigger is the increasing CO2 content in the atmosphere. This is among other things generated during power generation. Energy companies therefore play a central role in reducing greenhouse gases. Dr. Juan Bernabé Moreno explains how AI can support this process.

The DATA festival 2020 is once again a place where exciting and important topics are addressed. Dr. Juan Bernabé Moreno of EON will give a presentation on “Energy.AI or how to decarbonize, decentralize and digitize our energy”, which will show the contribution energy producers can make to decarbonization. They are indisputable players in shaping a sustainable tomorrow. Decarbonization, digitalization and decentralization are the top 3 driving forces that are transforming our energy world. The transformation journey is full of challenges of all kinds, but at the same time, we all feel the pressure of not having a plan B. In this journey, solutions to new problems, new solutions to old problems have to be found and constantly disrupt ourselves. Data and AI are one of the key enablers. We can only succeed if we make the most of our data and intelligence and that’s what we are doing every day. Juan will show how E.ON is putting AI at the core where it matter the most, with real examples across all relevant areas, with tangible results and with a clear call to action.

Dr. Juan Bernabé Moreno

Juan has been leading data science teams in the telecommunication industry for more than 8 years and at present is the Chief Data Officer and Global Data and AI head at E.ON SE, harnessing the power of data to drive the energy transition. His current research interests include fuzzy linguistic modelling, the aggregation of information, information retrieval, bibliometric, digital libraries, web quality evaluation, recommender systems and social media. Some of his work has been recognized as ”best paper“ at different conferences. He continues to be involved in research activities with the clear aim of closing the gap between academia and industry.