A Practitioners Guide

It happens again and again: A promising AI project cannot be successfully completed for a variety of reasons. Jan Zawadski as speaker at the DATA festival 2020 explains how you can avoid this in your projects and instead make them a success.

There are many very good reasons for visiting the DATA festival 2020. One of them are the many exciting speakers. On the three stages data.stage, festival.stage and tech.stage speakers from different companies and industries, as well as from the academic world, will give exciting lectures. One of them is Jan Zawadski, Project Lead Data & AI for Carmeq GmbH, the software-innovation vehicle of Volkswagen AG. Jan will speak on 18.03.2020 at data.stage from 13.45 to 14.45 about the „Do’s and Don’ts of Delivering AI Projects: A Practitioners Guide“.

Make it work

It happens again and again; AI projects are not finalized. According to a study by the consulting and research firm Gartner, 85 percent of AI projects are doomed to failure. One of the reasons is that AI is still a comparatively new method, which means that project experience is still lacking. Jan will talk about how to avoid mistakes in your AI projects and how to plan them correctly. Jan is passionate about advancing the automotive industry through machine learning and sharing his knowledge in the fields of Project Management and AI. He is a top contributor to the “Towards Data Science” Publication on Medium and enjoys supporting the team around Deep Learning Luminary Andrew Ng.